Camel trekking and desert hikes in morocco:

individual – flexible – sustainable

Camel caravan journeys according to old traditions with Akabar -Sahara Treks and the nomads team

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Booking conditions

1. Booking
To make a reservation, which takes place by e-mail, the following applies:
with the booking (travel confirmation) the customer provides the conclusion of the travel contract. The contract between tour operator and customer is concluded with the receipt of the booking confirmation (acceptance) by e-mail.

2. Payment
After acceptance, a deposit of 20 % of the tour price is required, which is used for reservation of hotel, car, staff and camels. Payment of the remaining 80 % are due at start of the journey in Morocco.

3. Cancellation by the customer prior to departure/cancellation fees:
The customer can withdraw at any time prior to departure of the trip. The withdrawal is to be announced in written form/e-mail. Arising third party costs are deducted from the deposit.

4. Defects:
If the trip is not provided as described under the contract, the traveler may demand redress.
The traveler, however, is obligated to report an occuring defect on the journey immediately to the tour operator. If he fails to do so culpably, a price reduction does not occur.
This does not apply when the display is visible futile or for other reasons unacceptable.
However, the tour operator is liable for services concerning the carriage of passengers from the prescribed place of departure to the described destination, if and insofar as the operator failed to inform the traveler.