Camel trekking and desert hikes in morocco:

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Camel caravan journeys according to old traditions with Akabar -Sahara Treks and the nomads team

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Hiking tours from 6 days

Hikes in the varied rock and stone desert of Jebel Bani

*Example of a 9-days tour through the mountainous landscape of Jebel Bani via Iriki National Park and to vast dune areas:

Akabar – Sahara Treks undertakes a challenging trekking tour through the fascinating mountain landscape of Jebel Bani to exceptionally beautiful, remote dune areas. 9 days of rest, relaxation and support from the nomad team. This tour is also available in a shortened version of 5-6 days only in the Jebel Bani Mountains with an overnight stay in the Iriki National Park or in the dunes and is interesting for travellers planning a 6-day trekking tour between May and July. This trek is only offered by Akabar – Sahara Treks and follows the paths of the Bani nomads. As there are only two wells in the trekking area, two additional camels are taken along for water transport.

The price for this very beautiful and interesting 9-day tour is:

for 3 persons: 910 EUR, for 4 persons: 800 EUR, for 5 persons: 770 EUR and for 6 persons: 750 EUR.

Video to the 9 days trek from Jebel Bani via Iriki to the dunes

Trekking Prices 2024 (in EUR per person)

Payment: 25% advance payment via Paypal, WISE or Western Union, balance by bank transfer one week before the trekking trip or directly on site

We will be happy to inform you of the prices for other group sizes and tours of 9 days or more.

Tour duration / persons3 days5 days 6 days7 days 8 days
1 person7351005106011501270
2 persons470660690770860
3 persons390550570645720
4 persons340490520580650
5 persons360500520580520
6 persons320440510570630
Trekking prices 2024

Reduction of 25% for children under 10 years. Children/young people from 11 – 17 years receive a free riding camel for the tour on request.

The trekking price includes: