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Reports and photos of our trekking guests

Hafid and Lahcen are great people! I had a wonderful adventure with then, they were always trying to give me the most of it! Hafid was always showing me interesting things about the nature, culture of people from Sahara, and their challenges nowadays. It was just amazing!
How they treat the camels, their respect with the nature, their eyes were always full of life. Things that I will carry for the rest of my life. Just thanks for that!!
Lahcen is the best cooker of the whole Sahara, his food is just wonderful.
If you wanna experience the nomade life in Sahara, with confort and great guides, here are the right guys for that.
Thank you for everything, my friends. Hope to see you all soon. Big hug from Brazil. Choukran!!! Guilherme Bitencourt 11.04.2024

Thank YOU dear Hafid. Yes, it was a wonderful, funny tour again. Your team is really great! And I was really happy to see Amlal again – he is such a special camel. I will send you some pictures within the next days and hopefully some new clients this year😊 Hope the little girl of Mouhamed is better? Take care and all the best for you & your family and team. Regina and friends

“My 7-day tour through the desert with Hafid and his nomads was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The welcome and hospitality from Hafid’s family in Zagora was exceptionally warm, and the following days exceeded all my expectations. Lahsen and Ali conjured up new, delicious and above all fresh dishes on our carpet every day – how they managed to do this for seven days without conventional refrigeration remains one of the many secrets of the nomads. They read our every wish from our dusty lips and conjured up a shady council seat with invigorating tea, fruit and nuts in no time at all. Hafid also tirelessly answered our many questions and gave us an insight into the beauty of his country, as well as the political background and everyday life of the nomads.

It’s amazing what can fit on a camel’s back and how much endurance and patience these sensitive and lovable animals showed us during this time. Their various “songs” of squeaking, bubbling, humming and chewing became a familiar and soothing background noise during our days together. The beauty of the barren yet diverse landscape captivated me for long stretches. As did the silence and the incredible starry sky at night, which illuminated everything in silver, even under a new moon. Thanks to Hafid’s tracking technique, we learnt how many animals leave their tracks in the sand and are at home in the desert, where even the most diverse plants thrive and bloom under the most barren conditions … The days went by far too quickly, no wonder the nomads don’t care about numbers, because everything is relative in the desert. And so I know that I want to come back relatively soon!” Best regards
Karin; Photos by Karin W.


November 2023

May/June 2023

Dear Hafid, after 2019 we were with you and your team in the desert for the second time. Our whole family really enjoyed spending time with you, Yedir and Hussain.
We were once again overwhelmed by the hospitality and the family atmosphere. You led us through an impressive landscape, chose great resting places and brought us a little closer to the life of the Berbers. Yedir spoiled us with his cooking skills. The evening camel ride through the thin plains of the Saharais an unforgettable experience. At this point we would also like to thank our camels, who patiently carried our daily need for melons (and all other loads) through the desert.

 In the second part of our Morocco trip we were in the middle Atlas mountains. Our team there consisted of Hafid, Mohamed, Lahsen (cook), Abdul Assis, Hassan and the three mules (and of course the four of us). Everything was very well organized there too. Our two donkey guides took us to wonderful places in this barren and rough landscape.
 Anyone who wants to get to know the life of the Berbers is in good hands with Hafid and his team.
You can’t find a more authentic and heartfelt trip anywhere else.

Best regards Franke family (Julia, Carlotta, Jörg and Joscha)

Yoga-Group May 2023 (via Whatsapp and Google)

“Dear Hafid and your whole team. All of us want to thank you for the great desert experience, your wonderfull guidance, lovable support and help with all our problems. As a thank we send you today a fotobook………. With all best wishes Christel from the german group”

“The desert is an impressive and challenging place: the silence, the vastness, the people, animals and plants that live in it.
Never monotonous, always different and new….
Hafid and his team are very reliable and caring guides with a lot of experience and knowledge! Their openness and willingness to share their culture made this trip an indispensable life experience.
They have my fullest trust! Therefore 5 stars and if there were more, they would get them all!” Mechthild N.

“I too – like many others who have taken part in a desert tour with Hafid and his team – award 5 out of 5 points. Much has already been said by other participants. One thing perhaps not: there was time and the necessary openness of all team members for a real exchange to take place and thus also a real getting to know each other. I find this remarkable and I think I can judge this particularity well, as I have often been abroad and participated in different offers. I can only recommend this experience to all those who have a real interest in learning about Berber culture.” Uta S.

April 2023

Hello my dear Hafid!
As promised, I wrote a little text that you can use as a recommendation from us and publish it on your website or Instagram, or where ever it might help you and your future potenial clients.
The trip with Hafid and his team was an absolutely enriching and unexpectedly intense experience! I can recommend such a tour to everyone. Everything that others have written here is correct and I can only confirm it. The preparations and organization are made as easy as possible. Everything can be easily and uncomplicatedly clarified via WhatsApp and email. We were very well taken care of, the food was great, and we were able to learn a lot about the nomadic culture.
And we learned a lot about generosity and hospitality; about how a helping hand is offered at every turn! Thank you also to Mrs. Boch-Jacuk, who was able to give us very friendly and patient answers to some questions.
The desert has grounded us and there is really hardly anything more beautiful than sleeping under the open sky.
Thank you so much! Claudia F.

March 2023

At the end of March 2023, we were able to experience an unforgettable journey with Hafid and his team as a group of 4 travellers. 7 days of camel trekking through the Sahara – we were eagerly awaiting this event. Hafid led us through the different facets of the desert (rocky desert, gorges, sand dunes) with a great route and showed us all the marvellous details of this unique landscape.
His calm and considerate approach to all guests made the whole experience so relaxed. Lahse spoilt us with a variety of dishes every day. The delicious mint tea was always available.
Hussain lovingly looked after the camels, which carried all the equipment for our group. The food for 7 days, 150 litres of drinking water, mattresses, blankets and tents were transported in large baskets – most impressive. The animals are treated very well and are therefore part of the travelling group.

Camel trekking with Hafid and his team is a wonderful experience, which I can only warmly recommend to everyone. You feel safe and well looked after at all times thanks to their great experience, their calmness and their enormous hospitality. Sleeping under the stars (you can sleep in a tent at any time) was one of the many highlights that I can recommend.

For me this trip was a very impressive experience and I will definitely go on another trip with Hafid and his team…hopefully soon.

So don’t hesitate – it’s simply SUPER!
Best regards


Annelies , Hendrik and Regina

January 2023

Manu H.

Es war die aufregendste Reise unseres Lebens mit Hafid und seinem Team durch die Wüste zu ziehen. Stets fühlten wir uns sicher und gut aufgehoben. Erstaunlich war die Geschwindigkeit, mit der das Team die Zelte auf- und abbaute. Das Essen war großartig sowie die Gastfreundschaft. Die Kamele trugen uns, wenn die Füsse schwer wurden. Die Perspektiven werde ich für immer in meinem Kopf haben. Nomaden, Palmen, Oasen, Fata Morgana, Fossilien, Kamele, Esel, uvm. Wir können nur allen empfehlen, diese Reise zu unternehmen, die mehr als ein Urlaub ist. Wir waren Teil einer Karawane:-) Sie war für uns auch eine Reise zu uns selbst. Herzlichen Dank für Alles!

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